Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Safest Sex Ever!

Masturbation is not a dirty word or action.  It is a way to get to find out what you like and help others please you.  Girls get busy especially. There are a lot of web sites where you can ask questions, shop for devices that can deliver to your home, and no one the wiser. For you married girls, you should not be left out!

If you have never had a "Big O", experiment with your husband (or partner) and show each other how.  Start slow and build up.  However, if you can only have the "Big O" with your "manual" friend, you may need to turn down the intensity if you are having problems achieving organism with your partner.

Last tip, hand wash and dry your sex toys after every use and decrease a chance of irritation or infection.  Unscented soaps to prevent Miss Sallye from getting a problem.  Have safe and respectful fun!!!!!!

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