Friday, February 10, 2012

ADVISE to patient

If your doctor gives a  you a new medication to take and you develop a problem with taking new medication or you insurance will not pay or it is too expensive,  CALL your doctor and let him or her know, don't wait for the return visit to reveal this information.. This waste your doctor's time and endangers your life.  So be proactive in your health  and make that call ASAP.
Always Good Health,
This is an FYI for those who indulge in anal sex.  First it is an exist not an entrance!!!! However if you must indulge lets do so without causing MISS SALLEY a vaginal problem.  Never place a penis or other sex toys that have been in the rectum this will cause a very nasty bacterial infection in the vagina.  So used a condom with anal sex and remove before placing into vagina.  So get your FREAK ON without traumatizing MISS SALLEY.  HAPPY VALENTINE DAY !!!!!  BE SAFE AND WEAR CONDOMS !!!!!
Dr. Welch