Monday, January 9, 2012

NEED To See Doctor On A Regular Basis

If you have a chronic disease such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, etc, you need to see your doctor every 3 to 4 months.
If your having a problem with your condition or newly diagnosed, you may need to go more frequently until problem is corrected.
Many of my patients complain that employers will not let them off for doctor's visits and they get strikes against them.  Now, I understand this, but your job will be taken over when you die before the flies can blow you.  See if you can make arrangements to go in late or leave early.   If this cannot be done, check with your HR department for FMLA papers ( Family Medical Leave Act), which can be filled out by your doctor for a fee (insurance does not cover this).  This paper work lets you employer know the approximate times when your will need to see the doctor...

Pink Slips to Patients and Doctors

If for any reason you do not care for a physician, do not go back for another appointment. 
Save your time  and money. 
If it was usual day in that particular office give it another try - Remember doctors are people as well, and sometimes people do not click.  Keep searching until you find the right fit. 
By the same token, doctors can dismiss patients from their practices, so patients you can get a pink slip from your doctor as well...we do not like to but sometimes it necessary...

Deductible & Your Pocket Book

For the lucky ones of us who have insurance, the end of year may be the time to get procedures , such as colonoscopy ( screening test for colon cancer ) when your deductible (money out of your pocket that you must pay before your insurance will pay) is lower. 
Always call your insurance to see what is remaining of your deductible for the year if procedures are needed.  Remember, deductibles start over every year with full amounts in the new year. 
Be smart and ask questions......


Looking For Insurance

As we know, insurance is expensive.  You need to look for insurance as if you are trying to purchase a high tech flat screen TV.
Self employed persons may find insurance more expensive being a single individual, or small number of employees.
You can find other self employed and possibly band together as a group to get cheaper rates...

Straight Talk From The Good Dr.: I had a thought today that I maybe not be alone in...

Straight Talk From The Good Dr.: I had a thought today that I maybe not be alone in...: I had a thought today that I maybe not be alone in thinking as a primary care physician , I am a low paid tech with everybody trying to tell...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's a new year, time to start on a new you.  Some like to start the year off with losing weight with new diets and such, but thinking about what we eat can help as well.