Friday, May 4, 2012


Hepatitis is sexual transmitted disease that you may not know that you have. 
Most times, it is discovered when labs tests are done, and it's mainly transmitted during unprotected sex, sharing of body fluids, and IV drug users can contract it from sharing of needles.  Getting help, less sexual partners and protected sex is the way to go...Check out some of these articles.


I have had some strange things to have happened to me during the course of my career, but this worrisome and scary. 
A male patient  came with his girlfriend.  During the visit,  the patient's GF (girlfriend) alleged that I had interest in her boyfriend other than professional...(Blank Stare).
Let me state this - PHYSICIANS DONT USUALLY DATE THEIR PATIENTS!  We like our license to much.  If a doctor is nice to a patient, it's because we are nice and concerned.  Yet, most of us are like that with ALL of our patients.  So GF or BF (boyfriend),  leave that problem at home and do not bring it out into the public.  If you can't trust your girlfriend or boyfriend, you may need to re-think your relationship.
Also, I will be dismissing that patient from my practice, because in this day and time you never know when someone will go postal.


Recently, I was on-call for the weekend for my call group, (a group of doctor who cover each other's patients).  One of the problems that on-call doctor face are patients trying to get medications that should have been cleared by that patient's primary care doctor (PCP) during the week.  Please note - If you have prescriptions that you need, please address that before a weekend or holiday.  Sadly, some patients attempt to use on-call doctor to fill prescriptions, or take care of an illness that the patients should have used their PCP to take care of during business hours.  The on-call doctor has no way of knowing the last time you saw your PCP.
So heads up - take responsibility for your health care, and use your PCP.  Also, do not call an on-call doctor in the middle of the night for something that has been going on all day.  Doctors are human...we like to sleep too.