Friday, May 4, 2012


Recently, I was on-call for the weekend for my call group, (a group of doctor who cover each other's patients).  One of the problems that on-call doctor face are patients trying to get medications that should have been cleared by that patient's primary care doctor (PCP) during the week.  Please note - If you have prescriptions that you need, please address that before a weekend or holiday.  Sadly, some patients attempt to use on-call doctor to fill prescriptions, or take care of an illness that the patients should have used their PCP to take care of during business hours.  The on-call doctor has no way of knowing the last time you saw your PCP.
So heads up - take responsibility for your health care, and use your PCP.  Also, do not call an on-call doctor in the middle of the night for something that has been going on all day.  Doctors are human...we like to sleep too.  

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