Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's Heating Up...But Cool Down!

It's getting warmer & the summer months are approaching, tis the season for sharing STDs - Sexually Transmitted Diseases.  So,  before your get all hot and bothered in the heat, turn on the lights so you can see what your are getting! Just because it looks good does not make it good - plenty of things smell bad after the wrapper is removed.  Make sure to ask  questions for this is your life you're playing with.  It only takes one time of unprotected sex to get an STD (or a baby).   Be Smart...and keep it to your self.  

Do You Have a "Muffin Top"?

Healthy heart tip - it is not your weight, it is your waist size.  Muffin tops on a man or woman are not attractive, and is sign telling you need to slim down.  If you are a female and your waist measures 32 or less, you're on track.   If you're male and your waist measures less than 37, you are on track.  If you and your love one are over these measurement,  get moving and band those muffing tops together.
Shout out to the ladies - Girlfriends talk...and talk about one another a lot,  so instead of talking about the "Muffin Top", be kind and help each other out...and push away the cheesecake.

These are some good articles to help you on your way...



Catching Up...

Sorry, I have been out touch.  New house blues and blessings...

Ok, here are some thoughts.

1. Get Your  Colon Checked!
If you are 50 years of age or have a family history of people having colon cancer at early ages, it is time for your colonoscopy.  This is a test to check for cancer in your colon.  The preparation for this test is not pleasant, but it is necessary. Medications are given to put you in light sleep and someone must drive you there and back.

2. Vision Is Important!
If you are 50 and above, get your eyes checked every 2 yrs or more frequently if directed by a health professional.  Need to monitor for glaucoma, retinal diseases, cataracts and bleeds in the eyes...

On a personal note (please bear with me), if you go to a doctors appointment,  do not to expect to leave within 10 minutes of arrive.  It is not the intent to keep patients waiting for hours.  If this is occurring, you may to change doctors, or inquire about times when the office may not be so busy, i.e. the first appointment of the day or after lunch, these appointments generally go pretty fast.  But please be patient, listen to music provided in the room or least in my exam rooms...exhale and decrease the stress.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Watch Yourself!

Everyone likes to eat out, but if we have health problems, we know we need to watch it (watch our weight, our cholesterol, etc).  This is a good article showing some facts on some food or dishes we may love to eat that can work against us.

It's National Nutrition Month!

We all know we need to eat right, but we don't want to compromise on taste.  Cooking Light is one of my favorite magazines for it has wonderful recipes that are tasty and good for you!  This month, I'll be passing on some recipes and food facts.  Here is a good recipe for you to try!

Seared Lamb with Balsamic Sauce, served with Cracked Wheat–Currant Pilaf and Spicy Chard.