Monday, July 9, 2012

New Health Care...?

President Obama's health care plan was passed, or approved, by the Supreme Court.  For me, I think that it's great that everyone will have healthcare.  But, I got a few questions.
First question, who are these people who can afford insurance and do not have it?  The people I see without insurance are the people whose insurance monthly fee is way to expensive; therefore, if you have to decide between paying a high insurance premium and keeping a roof over your head, guess which decision will win.
Also, will we need another department to oversee penalty when your do not get insurance?  I guess that's a way to make new jobs.
Last, does this mean that that the insurance companies will be lowering their rates?  After all, they do have a captive audience.
In closing, I feel we are treating a symptom and not the disease.  We all need to let our congressman know at the end of the day we all Americans, and we need a healthcare system that work.

Please note, I'm not endorsing any candidate or am I talking about the president, so don't go there!

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